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Fészek Artists’ Club’s vision to settle its financial situation

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Summary about FÉSZEK

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I affirm with conviction that Fészek Artists’ Club is destined to be a cultured meeting place for leading intellectuals in Hungary and all over Europe. As far as the content and purpose of these meetings are concerned, I am inviting and awating all those interested with a quote by Jenő Heltai.

Tibor Galambos, manager

“Fészek (‘Nest’) resembles the great tree in its courtyard. Have you ever sat in the hours of dawn under this benevolent tree? Have you ever heard that victorious pagan hymn sung by a hundred birds at this time from the midst of its leaves towards the rising sun?

And have you ever thought that those hundred sorts of prayers melt into a single hosannah here, an offering of incense in adoration of life: that is our voice, our prayer as well? We too, singers, painters, sculptors, actors, architects, musicians, writers, a hundred kinds of inhabitants of a single nest in a hundred ways, but with the same faith and humility we serve the lord whose name is Beauty.

We must not forget what Fészek, in my belief, draws its true strength from: the spirit of freedom. My warm desire is that, in this beautiful place, everyone could feel like an artist and a human, free until the end of time.”

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